Men Are Slaves

His Focus Is Her Ass: The slave is very focused right now. His view is obstructed by Sophie's ass, and his entire life purpose is to lick between her ass cheeks. Her heels resting on his chest are incredibly painful as they dig into his flesh, but he re-purposes that pain into better ass licking performance to make sure Sophie is completely comfortable. Sophie meanwhile ignores him and watches TV.

His Focus Is Her Ass
His Focus Is Her Ass

These Dominant Ladies consider all Men Are Slaves and made for serving women! Forced Cunnilingus and Ass Worship, severe Whipping and Canning, Live Toilet discipline, Foot Worhip and Trampling! They easily turn ordinary males into the obedient slaves, satisfying the every desire of Imperious Ladies! 100% Original and Exclusive HD Movies. A Real Diamond over FemDom sites!

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